Life On A One Way

by Dread Champion

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I was just sitting around, playing guitar, and I stumbled upon something I liked. I had to record it, and then the rest started coming together. Now I get to present it to you, enjoy!



I don't know where I'm going/
I don't know where You lead/
I knew what I wanted/
But somehow it got away from me/
I'm hoping on a one day/
But I can't see through the now/
But that's life on a one-way/
And I can't seem to sit here and figure this out/

[Verse 1]

My microphone's just been waiting in my room/
Hoping, wishing, and praying to be used soon/
I feel similar- nothing in particular/
That I'd like to discuss with you, outside the curricular/
I'd like to keep that on the inside/
Ahh, but since I got nothing else in me to write/
I feel like I'm walking down the wrong street/
Found the wrong address, out in the strong heat/
Scavenger birds follow me, waiting to swallow me/
Well, eat me up! Leave a hollow me!/
Leave me nothing, leave me an empty shell/
Don't even leave a single, solitary cell/
Disappear me, or listen and hear me/
Mystery theory- damn my tongue, speak clearly/
Call me away, or please be near me/
Take me away, or at least be near me/


[Verse 2]

Locked out. Bogged down./
Can't get my mind free of the false sound/
Call me individual- call me too spiritual/
Call me an animal, vegetable, or mineral/
Tell me I'm too revolved around the inner fool/
Tell me I'm a sinner and I do as all the sinners do/
Call me by my name- it ain't too pivotal/
Standing by my grave, realizing the critical/
Realizing the pitiful; lies to our little ones/
Lives to the crumbs, with frozen eyes and a fickle tongue/
Cut it out, before it leads you to the slaughter/
Renew the mind and it'll lead you to the Father,/
Bleed through to the daughters, seize sons that are hardened,/
Seize hearts that are paused and revisualize the target/
Revitalize the fight. See the right path/
And finally get to see all those that are on it./

[Chorus] x2


released April 1, 2012
Produced, written, performed, and mixed by Dread Champion AKA Nelson Ward.

Everything was done by me, suckas.



all rights reserved


Dread Champion Frisco, Texas

I love Jesus Christ and I love music.

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