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This is a mixtape I have worked hard on over the past months. I put my heart and soul into this, even though it may not be as technically proficient or professional sounding. I hope you enjoy it, and please just listen to it. Music is made to be heard.


released February 1, 2011

Everything on this album was written, produced, and performed by Nelson Ward AKA Dread Champion. Respect The 'Fro features Pierce of Oreo Flow.



all rights reserved


Dread Champion Frisco, Texas

I love Jesus Christ and I love music.

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Track Name: Don't Stop To Think
Day to day, what a stupid game we play/
moving just enough to prevent decay/
the thoughts we think are not the words that we say/
we're short of breath- that's the price we pay/
again and again we claim we're independent/
tell me- when did we get so defensive?/
clinically insane, we fear pain/
but we'll keep on going 'til we feel the flame/
ignore the change that needs to occur/
life goes by so fast that it's a blur/
everything keeps getting more obscured/
keep on hoping for a miracle cure/
cause we're too caught up in these flashbacks/
we want the past, but we already had that/
it's not bad to miss the times past/
but it's sad that we're stuck on what we'll never have back/

don't stop to think/
don't pause to blink/
cause it's long enough that you might miss everything/

we munch big macs- provoke heart attacks/
we just sit around all day- we're getting fat/
we don't do anything to fight back/
cause we are just too lazy for combat/
just take one more break- well now it's too late/
we chased desires and made bills we cant pay/
we got a mean attitude- lacking gratitude/
we offer platitudes, not, "What'sa matter dude?"/
we claim we made it alone to this place called home/
the problem is that we borrow- we don't own/
what's nice about this? this ain't nothing sweet/
teeter totter- can't even stand on your own feet/
we criticize- hypnotized by a romanticized view of life/
pacified- we don't realize we fantasize about a better life/
but we just bought our own lies/


Cause we are easy to knock down like pins in a lane/
and we're just like zombies- all we seek is a brain/
cause we're either stupid or just insane/
if we don't get that we're playing pawns in a game/
and it's just like chess, man, it's all black and white/
to feel big we just go out and pick a fight/
we could stop this if we weren't picking sides/
brain dead- will we ever be alive?/
stepping carefully, but moving quickly/
crossing the road to avoid the sickly/
we're saying what we want, doing as we please/
doing nothing for the least of these/
infect the population- the weak and the strong/
if you ain't like us, then you won't last long/
it's hard to agree because we're never wrong/
so let's all just keep on getting strung along/
attack all we cant win back because we lost it/
cause we were on track but now we're off it/
cause we're too obsessed with making profit/
to buy what? golden coffins?/
pleased with ourselves- its momentary/
moments later- back to uncaring/
this apathy is getting pretty scary/
we're intolerant but not to the dairy/
so take a second look- hindsight is 20-20/
when your life's gone, will you be left wanting?/
will your dreams still be left haunted?/
or will you feel you obeyed the warning?/